Club in the Spotlight!

Bugs R Us – Young Naturalists Club
by Lorrie Schrader

Our January 27, 2011 meeting was so special.  We had Rick Howie from Kamloops speak to our group about Owls.  Rick has been leading the Christmas Bird Count in this and other locations in and around Kamloops for many years and is a preeminent authority on birds. Rick started the meeting off with a power point presentation on the many Owls we have in the Shuswap area. His presentation was enhanced with his Owl calls which he then encouraged everyone to try. But, the highlight of the afternoon was special guest, Pilot the Burrowing Owl. Everyone got a chance to pet Pilot and ask many questions about his diet, habitat and territory.  Pilot had everyone captivated and graciously
allowed us to pet and observe him. 

We learned that this beautiful bird is endangered in Canada because; of too many predators, loss of grasslands, poisoning due to chemical sprays, and not enough burrows (the animals that dig the burrows are in decline). We thank Rick Howie and Pilot so much for coming out to spend the afternoon with us.

Murray Evaschuk had his microscope viewing station set up and put one of Pilot’s crickets on a slide for everyone to see.

You can learn more about Burrowing Owls at www.burrowing

Bugs R Us is a YNC School Nature Club at North Shuswap Elementary School, Celista BC. Thank you to teacher Jannis Delisle and North Shusawp Naturalist Club Member Lorrie Schrader for all their work!