YNC Launches Nature Mentors Circle!

YNC is pleased to launch the Nature Mentors Circle a program that matches local experts, educators and scientists interested in leading Explorer Day field trips with YN Clubs around the province of BC.

Whether you are new to the Young Naturalist Club or an experienced YN volunteer if you are interested in leading future Explorer Days for young naturalists  please join the Nature Mentors Circle.

By registering in the Nature Mentors Circle you will be tapping into opportunities to share your expertise, enthusiasm and passion for nature with a new generation of young naturalists in your community.  You will be able to identify your preference of topics and your availability when you register so our Club Leaders can provide well-matched opportunities

The information you provide will be used for the purpose of matching nature mentors with local Explorer Day opportunities.

Will you join the Young Naturalists’ Club’s Nature Mentors' Circle and help connect children with the natural world?

About the Young Naturalists' Club of BC
YNC is an exciting club-based nature discovery and environmental action program for BC youth ages 5-12. Over 12,000 children have hiked, pond-dipped, bird-watched and stepped up for nature with the Young Naturalists' Club of BC.

YNC is looking for people interested in sharing their nature expertise and knowledge with young people on outdoor Explorer Day field trips.

What is a Nature Mentor?
A nature mentor is someone who shares their expertise, skills and knowledge about the natural world with others. Our communities are replete with potential nature mentors such as working and retired biologists, geologists, naturalists and environmental educators.
What do YNC Nature Mentors do? 
Generously volunteering a few hours throughout the year, YNC Nature Mentors help bring the wonder of nature and the natural sciences to BC children and their families by delivering a program or activity on a YNC Explorer Day Field Trip.
The Nature Mentors' Circle
YNC-BC has formed the Nature Mentors' Circle to match local naturalists, educators, scientists and community experts with YNC Club Leaders who are organizing engaging hands-on nature-themed activities for children in over 30 BC communities. The Nature Mentors' Circle features a database that lists local nature mentors across the province and lets Club Leaders find out about their availability and interests. This will help Club Leaders to organize Explorer Days and include a variety of individuals in the YNC's activities.
Benefits for Nature Mentors
By registering in YNC's Nature Mentors' Circle, you will access opportunities to share your expertise and enthusiasm with young naturalists and meet some amazing youth in your community. The Nature Mentors' Circle registration allows each nature mentor to share their interests, availability and preferences with YNC so our club leaders can provide well-matched opportunities.
How to Include Yourself
Our online form allows you to register and join the Nature Mentors' Circle. This information will be imported to our database.