Program Alert!

images by renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman

Special Explorer Day open to all Lower Mainland YNC Clubs!

RAPTORS OF CANADA, a presentation by John Neville, the Birdsong Man.
The sounds and images of Raptors of Canada
At the Kinsman Pavilion in Richmond Nature Park
Saturday, November 23rd at 10 am*

Join the YNC for a spectacular 60 minute visual and auditory treat- Raptors of Canada will captivate you as authentic raptor sound recordings fill the room and are paired with images of Robert Bateman's stunning wildlife paintings. John Neville captures the audience with his vivid descriptions of the special biological features that allow raptors to be successful birds of prey.Follow the presentation with a tour of the RBCM Raptor Exhibit featuring eagles, hawks and falcons.

Sound recordings and Commentary by John Neville, BC Nature president. John has produced 11 CD regional guides to the bird songs of Canada. Images of paintings used with the kind permission of Robert Bateman 

* reminder: Families learn and play together with the YNC; all children must be accompanied by an adult on Explorer Day Field Trips