New! SalmonWILD

NEW! SalmonWILD resource
For children and parents, naturalists and teachers, for anyone interested in learning about the intriguing world of salmon, the Young Naturalists’ Club of BC has brought together fascinating and fun-filled facts to help you on your way.

In SalmonWILD you’ll learn about salmon lifecycles and discover how salmon navigate back to their home stream. You’ll connect with First Nations salmon culture and discover how salmon are vital to the Circle of Life.

You’ll learn where to find salmon and where to find more information about salmon. You can get involved in helping protect salmon and their habitat by diving into some of the stewardship activities and get inspired for action by reading about our salmon champion professionals and children in the field.

Free download (above), or order a print copy by making a minimum donation of $5  the Young Naturalists’ Club of BC. 

SalmonWILD was made possible through the support of 
the Pacific Salmon Foundation